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Kevin Haller

St. Louis, MO

Kevin was born in St Louis, MO to parents that were raised on small family farms in central Missouri.   

In his youth, he spent many days finding outdoor adventure on the farm with his identical twin brother, Keith.

Kevin's art journey started on a snowy day in January in his early teens when he painted a copy of a fishing magazine cover.  Kevin immediately realized that art could bring great adventure and nature inside, and he has been creating paintings ever since.  


Kevin is a full-time artist, painting the landscape, nature and culture of the American West.  He was introduced to South Dakota by his wife, Penny, a native South Dakotan. Kevin's art training was self-directed, and is ongoing.  It was education through a mountain of art books, and thousands of brush miles over many years. Through his work, Kevin hopes to celebrate the awesome splendor of the American West with others.

Haller's Work

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