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Art House
Artist Services

We are happy to serve local artists and support them in their creative endeavors. We can offer special discounts on framing and printing. We are always open to finding new partners who are interested in selling their work in our shop and galleries.

Industry Discounts for

Artists/Interior Designers

Framing and printing discounts exclusively for artists who have their state sales tax license

10% off print orders of $100+ (pre-tax) paper prints, 8" x 10" or larger.

20% off in stock mouldings and mats.

Partner with us!

We love to promote and sell the work of our local artists and makers. If you are interested in having a featured place in our retail space, fill out an application by clicking here!

Artist Representation

If you are interested in having your work shown let us know! Email us a digital portfolio of the work you wish to put on display, a short biography or artist statement, and your contact information.  

Calls for Art & Exhibit Proposals

Do you or a group of artist friends have an idea for a future exhibit? Click here to find out how to apply!


To find out more about our current calls for art and to have your work featured in one of our gallery exhibits keep an eye on our social media or email us at 

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