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Fine Art Imaging

We capture high-resolution images of original artworks! Read on to learn more about our process and why artists choose us to create reproductions of their work! 

fine art scanning

1. Scan

Your artwork is captured using our BetterLight Large Format Scanning Back Camera or Epson V600 Flatbed scanner, depending on the size of the project. Artwork is scanned at 300ppi, or higher (if needed). 


We can easily scan artwork up to 36” x 48”. If your artwork is larger than this, or you have a special project in mind, give us a call for a custom quote.

fine art imaging

2. Digitize

We will color correct the scanned image to get a close match to the original artwork and print a small proof on your chosen paper or canvas.


We save your files as a high-resolution Tiff for printing and we can also save as a Jpeg, if needed.

Files are saved and a copy of the files can be requested. 

fine art imaging

3. Print

After you review and approve your proof, we can print your artwork at any size and quantities needed. 


Our scans have been used to create art reproduction prints, murals, greeting cards, tshirts, and more.  Turnaround time is typically 2 weeks. 

Why BetterLight Scanning vs. Photography?

Our BetterLight scanning system offers several advantages over traditional photography when it comes to capturing artwork:

  • High Resolution: BetterLight scanners allow for extremely detailed captures of artwork. This high-resolution is crucial for accurately reproducing all the tiny details, like the strokes of a paintbrush or the texture of a canvas.

  • Color Accuracy: Ever take a picture of something and the colors just don't look right? With BetterLight the colors in the scanned pictures look just like the real artwork. Artists and galleries love this because it means their art looks exactly how they want it to.

  • Consistent Lighting: BetterLight scanners make sure the light is the same all across the artwork. That means no strange shadows or bright spots—just nice, even lighting that makes the art look its best and accurately represents the artwork's true colors and tones.

  • No Distortion: Unlike traditional cameras, BetterLight scanners minimize distortion and perspective issues commonly encountered in photography. 

  • Gentle Handling: When scanning delicate or valuable artwork, the non-contact scanning process of BetterLight systems minimizes the risk of damage.

  • Archival Quality: BetterLight scanners are designed with archival-quality standards in mind, ensuring that the scanned images maintain their quality and fidelity over time. This is particularly important for preserving valuable artwork for future generations.

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