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Custom Framing

Action Shot

Our designers will help you choose a custom style that enhances your artwork, suits your taste, and accommodates your budget. It's our pleasure to help you display and frame anything you treasure.

Whether you are an artist preparing for a show or art collector, we can design a frame and background to protect your articles from sun damage and dust. We have worked with a variety of objects including antique beadwork, lace, sports memorabilia, and clothing. If you are interested in learning more about our custom framing for artists click here!



We carry the largest selection of wood and metal moulding styles in the region. If you are in a hurry, we also carry in stock moulding which we custom cut for each order. 


Matting artwork both protects and enhances it. We have many colors, textures, fabrics, and thicknesses including 8 ply for you to choose from. All of our matboards are acid-free with rag mat (made from cotton) options. We can also customize mats in a variety of shapes and designs including french lines, v-grooves, open v-grooves, and other decorative options. If you have an idea, just ask! 


Our mounting practices keep artwork and articles protected through various conservation mounting techniques. ​


Different glazing options are offered to protect your artwork from damaging ultra-violet (UV) rays. 

  1. Conservation Clear: 99% UV protection

  2. Museum Clear: 99% UV protection, amazing clarity

  3. Conservation Reflection Control: 99% UV protection with glare reduction  

All glazing options are also available in acrylic.

Glass Options
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