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Amy Lehman

Belvidere, SD

I am a fine art photographer specializing in images of the natural world. My creative life began on the historic family ranch in the Badlands of Western SD where I still reside.


As a child, daily treks into the landscape on foot or by horseback fed my curiosity of nature. Raised in a creative and musical household I was encouraged to see the beauty of our surroundings and how that beauty can be transposed for the eye and the ear.


Now, photography is my creative outgrowth of living in such a rich environment. I feel a kinship with the land, native plants and animals that make up this beautiful landscape. I have grown to appreciate the delicate patterns, bold contrasts and naturally occurring compositions found here. I strive to share the resulting images in hopes of inspiring others to see beauty, metaphor and meaning in nature.

Lehman's Work

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