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Rapid City, SD

It is difficult to illustrate human complexities artistically. However, I believe the messages that my art conveys are indispensable to society. Our humanity cannot grow without opportunities to reflect upon ourselves. Art is my vehicle to communicate that.

My former occupation as an international health-care worker provided me with opportunities to associate with people with diverse backgrounds. The hands-on experience taught me that emotional commonalities were more striking than our differences. I believe this is true between individuals, across different cultures, and throughout human history. Therefore, my art does not represent any particular group of people. It depicts human nature collectively, capturing both strength and weakness that may co-exist in the same heart. Even though my choice of art media has shifted from oil painting to ceramic sculpting, the central theme has remained unchanged.


Historically, artists attempt to express subtle variations of emotion because this is the key to reaching the viewer’s heart. My focus has been on furthering this skill.


My art mirrors the complexity of the human condition. It is my invitation to the viewer to take a journey of self-reflection.


My Japanese Artist Name

Tenyoh, inherited from my family, means an ocean looking down from a mountaintop. My name carries boundless possibilities.

Tenyoh's Work

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