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Morgan Fields

Hot Springs, SD

I construct work that references memories of my past. I am interested in expressing discomfort, individualism, death and rebirth. Using romanticism and black humor, I hope to establish a better understanding of myself.

Feminism guides my work. As a woman who has dealt with life-long manipulation and abuse, the sanctity of sisterhood offers hope and courage. I continue to make progress in my work and my own mental health struggles. Through a labor intensive process of combining sculpture and abstraction, I analyze the experiences of humanity, emphasizing the feminine drama, and highlighting the hardships of life and death. 

My current body of work consists of post-minimalist sculptures made of woven barbed wire with the integration of nylon fabric, and a series of photopolymer intaglio prints, a process of contemporary digital art meeting traditional etching. I explore the complete loss of subjective self-identity (death of the self) by abstracting the demise of the ego within each piece. 

Fields' Work

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