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Dorothy Snowden

Northern Black Hills, SD

Tennessee native Dorothy Snowden discovered the beauty of the West while breaking horses and working on a cattle operation near the base of Wolf Creek Pass, Colorado.


On a vacation to South Dakota, she learned of Black Hills State University, where she eventually graduated with a degree in Art and Photography. Her original oils and pastels depict horses and rural landscapes. These colorful images have appeared in publications, collections and commercial applications.


When she is not in the studio, Dorothy works with”off-the-track” Thoroughbred horses, rehabilitating them for pleasure riding disciplines. Living in a rural environment gives me an abundance of subject material no matter the season. Ranch life has cycles, from spring foaling and calving, summer haying, fall weaning to winter feeding. Each offers a new color palette and emotions, which I try to capture in vivid colors, either on canvas or sanded  pastel paper.


My landscapes are impressionistic, with brushstrokes of generously applied material, yielding texture to the surface. In my equine images, I strive to capture the grace and movement of horses at liberty or in competition. 

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